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December Top Producers

DJ & Lindsey agents sold WAY TOO MUCH volume in December and forgot that agents take the entire month off so they literally stole MOST of the business...

uhhhhh that's A LOTTT OF VOLUME!! 🔊 🔊 🔊

During the holiday season, real estate historically sees a dip in production… this crew… didn’t seem to notice? 🔍🔍

Did they forget it was suppose to dip? 📉

Don’t they know that everyone takes off during the holidays? 🎁

Our agents celebrated at the company gift exchanges, went and visited family, friends, and ABSOLUTELY KEPT SELLING HOMES!! 🏡🏡

We’re so thankful to have such hardworking and dedicated souls working in this organization.. because their customers NEEDED homes. Since the holiday season was not stopping them, our agents didn’t stop either! 🚀 🚀

Now it’s 2024 and EVERYONE is “turning a new leaf”. Everyone is looking to make 2024 THEIR year! 🍃 ✨

Of course… everyone is ready to work, now that rates have “stabilized” 🤮

But I’ll do you a small favor.. I’ll give you a little shortcut! ✂️

Reach out to one of these incredible, dedicated, supportive, caring, and honestly just AWESOME people. They, along with the rest of our organization, will tell you, we’re doing some new and exciting things here… AS WELL AS SELLING HOMES!!

📲 📲 📲 📲

Congratulations to this incredible crew!!

Especially Preston Jowers, who closed on THE BIGGEST SALE of his career TO DATE! 🤯 💸 💰

Look out for more on him later!! 👀

But the rest of this top 10 squad & everyone here at DJ & Lindsey, thank you for making everyone’s holiday wish come true! ❤️ 🏠


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