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"I actually regret it."

Deidre Williams shares part of her story about joining a brokerage on "Agents for Agents"

When Deidre Williams got her real estate license she was going ONE place and one place only. That is, until other brokers and team leads got in her ear.

“Don’t you dare [go] there”, they said. Deidre explains that multiple sources told her that this place was NOT good and she would regret joining our brokerage.

Well, needless to say after short stints at 2 brokerages following a WIDE ARRAY OF UNFULFILLED and EMPTY PROMISES.. She went back to the drawing board.

She reached out to one of our spectacular growth advisors who got her in front of our leaders immediately! She wanted more!

Here she is just 3 months into her journey here and… well, we’ll let her tell you the rest of her story. Follow along in our new series “Agents for Agents” where our agents share their story, through the lens, to other agents who might have similar questions, doubts, or concerns about the success of our agents.

We’ve told our story. It’s time for them to tell theirs!

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