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Proud of our Agents

I had the pleasure of speaking with the saleswoman the other day. 😊

She called looking to offer a service that we actually handle in-house... and although their service won't work out for us, me being a natural-born salesman, I decided to ask her some questions and pick her brain on what made her call us… 🤔

She told me that she tries to find the top-producing teams in larger cities, because they usually are able to handle the amount of volume for the service they’re looking to provide. 🏙️📈

During our conversation, she asked what we were doing to secure all these listings…

I briefly mentioned that we’ve been doing this for quite some time. I have solved a lot of the pain points that most of the agents and teams in the country are still encountering to this day. 💪

The reason she asked was, she reaches out to those teams across the country and it seems as though everyone seems to be having a difficult time securing business with the market the way it is.

She used words like:

✅ Constricting

✅ Straining

✅ Tightening

✅ Compression

and others that referred to the market as a place with little opportunity…

After telling her a little bit more about our company and our structure, she couldn’t believe that a Brokerage & a business model like this actually existed in the real estate space. 😲🏡

She was dumbfounded to find out that we really only have about a hundred agents or so… 🤯

When she called looking at our sales volume, she expected us to have two if not three times the amount of agents…

I said, “Nope, we just have really good ones… but we’re always looking to teach others who want to learn!” 🌟

After our conversation ended, it just got me really fired up to see the amount of closings that this team has had in the last 30 days…

It made me beyond proud to hear how after just a short phone call, even a stranger understood how hard these agents work for themselves, their families, and their customers! 💼👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏠

It made me really proud to be surrounded by a group like this! Proud of you all! 🎉👏

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