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Sneakers & Success W/ Tom Ferry

by: Jonathan Ruggiero

Purpose of Event

Do you have the heart to help others? Do you have the drive to grow your real estate business? Tom Ferry is the number one real estate coach and educator in America. Tom is coming to Jacksonville, Florida to speak at the University of North Florida to showcase his knowledge to the eager real estate agents in the area. This event is kicking off December 1st for an impactful 3-hours. It's

a great event, set up to not only spread knowledge to others but to spread kindness within the northeast Florida community. Partnering up with heartfelt charities to help change the lives of the youth.

Trading shoes for success seems like a fair trade to me. Giving the youth of Jacksonville confidence to walk through the streets with some stylish shoes. Helping to prevent bullying and getting them involved in physical activities outside of school is the main goal. Having that new pair of shoes on your feet can bring a sense of pride. Bringing a simple pair of shoes to help kids that can't afford to put shoes on their own feet. In return you get invaluable knowledge that will excel your career and give you a competitive edge against your peers. This event is a no brainer, you get to be surrounded by likeminded agents ready to take that next step and you get to help a child in need. Tom Ferry is coming to instill knowledge and bring your game to the next level.

Coaching Changes Lives

In the real estate industry, something is always changing, the need to learn new things is always a priority. Finding the right information to set yourself apart from the competition is key to a successful career. There's plenty of videos and courses you can take to learn new things, but when you have a source of success right at your fingertips you should take advantage of it. Learning from a successor in his craft is the key ingredient to set yourself apart from the rest. Learning new perspectives of the how to look at the market, to learn secret techniques to sell yourself to prospects is so critical. A lazy realtor is an unsuccessful realtor. An ambitious realtor will work endless hours and even spend their free time at networking events outside of work to build relationships. Understanding new concepts will always help you be a successful realtor. This industry is either sink or swim there's no middle ground. So, with Tom Ferry, he will throw you that lifejacket keep you afloat in the changing market.



Proud Sponsors and Charities

The community of Jacksonville has come together to create this event for the less fortunate. The charities that are involved in this event are Children’s Home Society of Florida, Hugs Across the County, Port in the Storm, St. Johns Youth Services, and Police Athletic League PAL. As well, very strong sponsors like DJ & Lindsey Real Estate, Florida Closing company, CrossCounty Mortgage, and Inspection Services Pro-Spect. These well-known companies have taken over the real estate industry giving the best service to their customers to always put out a helping hand. This helping hand goes beyond a client-based relationship. They're rolling up their sleeves and really making a change in this community that we all call home. Setting the stage, to bring well renowned agents giving to the less fortunate and listening to Tom Ferry is such a class act. This is an event you don't want to miss.

You can make money, or you can make excuses. Which do you prefer?

- Tom Ferry.


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