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0% cash to 100% Success

Drew has made some pretty good bets in his lifetime. Starting with moving from his family home in Mississippi to Jacksonville for love. That chance paid off when he got the best “yes” of his lifetime just 3 years later!

But it didn’t stop there… Drew and his now fiancé just bought their first house together!

All of this on the heels of making an even BIGGER move than Mississippi to Florida.

Drew just over 120 days ago, left his 100% commission brokerage and joined our team.

From lead generation to marketing and listing photography, Drew had to learn everything from scratch… or YouTube.

Having CLOSED now 8 homes with 2 more under contract, he hasn’t looked back for a second!

Drew’s business is FLYING and he enjoys every day he comes to work! His energy and enthusiasm in the office is just another reason why our agents sell more than others in their market!

Drew Kazemba pictured with friend and fellow DJ & Lindsey Agent Jay Higginbothem

They’re selling houses and having a blast!

Listen in as Drew shares how joining our team has COMPLETELY changed his life.

As well as how his friend and mentor, Holly Taylor, make sure that Drew finds success


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