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Engineering EXTREME Growth on TOM FERRY

Attracting and Training Rockstar Salespeople

DJ & Lindsey took to Tom Ferry's podcast with help of Mark Pattison, a team leader from San Diego, to discuss incredible team growth. What looks to be a short time on the map, DJ & Lindsey's team growth, may have appeared overnight, but was nothing of the sort. Having been in the business for almost 20 years, DJ & Lindsey have seen and endured a lot of ups and downs of the industry and the market. In this episode, these 4 unpack the secrets and the strategies of EXTREME Growth by hiring and training incredible people looking to work hard and achieve life and financial goals!

Engineer EXTREME Growth by Attracting and Training Rockstar Salespeople It’s been said, “When you stop growing, you start dying,” and with the market as tough as it is right now, those words are more relevant than ever. That’s why this week I have mega team leaders Lindsey and DJ DellaSala and Mark Pattison in the studio to discuss engineering growth by finding and mentoring a Rockstar sales staff. If you’re looking to scale your sales (which you should be), these are the folks you need to hear from. So, make sure to watch or listen, like, subscribe, and then go out and grow out!

In this episode, we discuss…

00:00 - Intro

00:36 – About Mark

01:48 – About Lindsey and DJ

03:48 – What’s working for recruiting?

09:48 – What ads get the right people?

13:33 – Preparing your salespeople

18:51 – Perspective by location

20:47 – Selling through storytelling

24:40 – Writing effective offers

30:14 – ISA strategy

34:13 – Brand, demand, referral cycle

39:52 – Closing thoughts

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