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When Luis Rodriguez left a successful internet startup company, sales was still a

passion of his. When the opportunity to enter into the real estate industry came along, he knew this career path would perfectly combine his love of sales and his want to have impact on others' lives through helping them achieve their dreams. After a full year in real estate Luis discloses a snippet of some of the things he learned, but this ONE major thing, is what he feels is the key to success and keeping your head MORE than above water in this ever competitive and tightening market.

However, is it a coincidence that our CEO, DJ DellaSala, ALSO thinks that this is the BIGGEST thing that most agents outside the walls of our company lack?

We think not, below you can find a message from DJ about that same ONE thing that the rest of the real estate agents in the market are missing. Something that Luis pegged as THEE NUMBER ONE THING he's learned in his year in real estate.


You know what agents lack more than anything right now??


Over the last few weeks, with all of the stock market and crypto volatility, I’ve been doing what I do best… asking a LOT of questions.

I started asking all of my friends “What are you doing with your crypto???”

Every SINGLE person I have spoken to has said the same thing…

“I sold ALL OF IT!!!”

Wait what?!?!

Why did you sell?????

Do you not believe in it any longer????

They all believe in it, the same as they did 6 months ago.

Do you want to know why I think they all sold?


They let a little bit of doubt creep into their beliefs, to their core, to the thing they have researched for what I am assuming was a longgggg time.

Doubt in what you truly believe in will cause you not to be consistent. When you aren’t consistent, you can’t WIN!!!

I personally do not own any crypto, and this isn’t a post bashing crypto by any means. I do believe in Blockchain, Bitcoin, and NFTs (especially for the music industry). So if Bitcoin does drop to $15k because everyone has doubt... I’m buying!!!

If my friends were consistent, they would’ve stayed the course and kept buying as it kept going down. And if it goes up… which it will… They would have an even LARGER portfolio, which in turn would give them more $$$$.

Right now, we are seeing volatility around us because of DOUBT!!

I used the example of Crypto, but this is meant for consistency.

If you start something, stop giving up so quick when it gets hard. You are going to take some L’s in everything: Work, friendships, relationships, investing, exercise, the list goes on and on….

Find your path and stay the course.

Don’t give up because there’s volatility.

YOU are stronger than THAT!!!!

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