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14 Homes Sold & 11 Pending

In the first 3 months of 2023, Theo Fulger has sold 14 homes & 11 under contract.

It’s an agent's dream to reach the status of “top producer” or “million dollar producer”. Our brokerage is a little different as 60% of our agents are million dollar producers. Looking at the last 2 years of real estate it shouldn’t be that hard for agents to make the claim that they, too, are a top producer.

So what separates those who claim to be top producers and those who really are, HIGH producing agents?

How about $60 million dollars worth of sold volume?

Theo Fulger has been with us for just under 3 years. Anybody have a calculator? That’s a TON of houses! In fact, in 2021 he sold a record 69 HOUSES! The year everyone was loving real estate, where green agents were sold 5-7 homes that year and were glowing! Theo was also selling 5-7 homes… A MONTH! Oh yea he also took 3 different vacations. Including one specifically in Puerto Rico, executing 2 contracts while there.

Come to think of it… that actually might be where the famous phrase in our company came from: “Is it really vacation if you didn’t execute a contract?”

So how do you keep up with the success of the gold rush from the past 2 years? Surely the top producers are also feeling the shift, the tightening, the rollercoaster of mortgage rates!! Well for some, I’m not so sure if they’re even reading the headlines. Theo Fulger being one of those agents.


Approx based on historical trends and buyer behavior.

Year-to-date Theo has CLOSED 14 homes for a humble $5.8 million dollars. That’s from January 1st of this year, until the 2nd week of Q2. That means Theo has closed the same number of homes in the first quarter of this year that it would take a very good agent to sell in an entire year.

Year-over-Year Theo has CLOSED 53 homes for a cool $20.5 million. Which means he has maintained this pace for OVER an entire year. And that pace hasn’t slowed much at all!

Theo currently has 11 HOMES UNDER CONTRACT! He is a battle tested, hard worker and KNOWS real estate!

Head on over to our Zillow page if you doubt him. 157 people will tell you the same thing!


Keep going Theo! We’re beyond proud of the work and service you provide your customers!


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