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DJ & Lindsey agents closed on 27 homes for $19M and 38 under contract for $15.8M in the last 7 days.

As I sit here reflecting on the remarkable goals & achievements of our team, I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride and admiration. Last week was truly exceptional. In 7 daya we closed an astounding 27 homes, totaling an impressive $19,000,000 in sales. Not only that, but we also secured contracts for 38 more homes, amounting to a remarkable $15,000,000.

I want to take a moment to recognize the outstanding efforts and unwavering dedication of each and every member of our team. Our success is a testament to their tireless work, their deep understanding of the real estate market, the industry as a whole, and their commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients. Dave Cassier and Kasia Kogut deserve special recognition for their closings this past week. Dave’s customers closed on an incredible $4,700,000 home in Flagler Beach and Kasia’s buyers closed on a gorgeous $3,200,000 home. I can’t wait for those 2 to tell their stories on the Toddcast later this week!

Let's not underestimate the challenges we faced in achieving these remarkable results. The current real estate market is nothing short of demanding and competitive. Housing inventory remains limited, interest rates have fluctuated, and with the heat of the spring market, there's been a surge in demand for homes. Despite these hurdles, our team has risen to the occasion, adapting, and delivering outstanding results. It's a true testament to their skills and expertise.

It's crucial for agents to stay well-informed, agile, and resourceful in order to navigate these ever-changing dynamics. I hope our agents' success serves as an inspiration to fellow agents, urging them to strive for excellence and embrace change.

To those agents who are considering joining us on this transformative journey, I invite you to be part of something truly remarkable. We foster a supportive and collaborative environment where every team member's growth and success are valued and encouraged. Together, we can shape the future of real estate and make a positive impact on the lives of our agents and clients alike.

So, let's continue to raise the bar, embrace the challenges, and set new benchmarks. Let’s build an industry that future generations will look back on with admiration and appreciation.

Thank you to everyone on our team for your exceptional efforts and congratulations on a phenomenal week. Let's keep inspiring and changing the real estate industry, one successful transaction at a time!

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