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$3.5M in TWO Days

(Wait until you read Deal #4)

Scott Dustin & Lauren Robshaw close incredible volume in just 2 days!

A few years ago… wow, I can’t believe it’s already a “few” years ago…

**clears throat** A few years ago when the market was absolute CHAOS, selling a couple of million in a couple of days didn’t sound AS far fetched as it may seem.

Remember, there were only like 8 houses for sale, each of them had like 70 offers, and they were almost ALWAYS going WELL above the asking price. So to find yourself putting a million or so in volume under contract inside of a week was still impressive, but wasn’t that hard to find.

However, after “the great shift,” since the change in interest rates, it’s FAR less likely to accomplish selling multiple millions in a few days.

That is unless you’re an agent on our team… more specifically, Scott Dustin & Lauren Robshaw. The duo in just TWO DAYS, CLOSED… inked, keys, & checks.. CLOSED...


The volume and the deals are impressive in their own right, but when you hear the stories of how they came to be… well… let’s get started shall we. DEAL #1: Came in on Sep 21, 2022, we nurtured her for 7 months. They went quiet for a little while and [TOP SECRET REDACTED] brought her back to life. They were looking for a hot commodity property in Ponte Vedra and we missed out on a few homes due to multiple offers. We put in an offer on this home weeks before it was accepted. We were able to negotiate to the price everyone agreed on. We actually had an agent in the Jacksonville office show the home as we were out of town when they requested the appointment. We wrote the original offer out of town on vacation. Then when we were negotiating the offer, Scott and I were at the TPC and I was editing the offer on my phone at the 18th hole. CLOSED $633,000

DEAL #2: Called in on November 26, 2021. She worked with a few different agents on the team and wasn't ready but was looking at buying in Jax and selling in Vilano. DJ, had actually talked to her son who works for the Jags at a Jags game and he said his mom was looking to buy and sell. DJ connected the dots that her son and I knew each other from grade school. He suggested I reach out and see if there was anything we could do to help. I had even been to their house as a kid, growing up and it was a perfect match. We stayed connected over an entire year and chatted often and stayed in touch until she was ready to sell. CLOSED $675,000

DEAL #3: Called Scott directly when the property had been listed. Both the buyers are in the mortgage industry and had only ever purchased “for sale by owner” properties. They had fully planned on representing themselves during the transaction. We explained the benefits of working with a highly skilled agent and that we would work together with them and the sellers to get to the closing table. Our goal was to satisfy both parties and make the process easy and painless. Another 5 star review, 4 happy customers and another deal inked! CLOSED $675,000 DEAL #4: Came in 3/25/23, Scott took ONE call, then went and shot ONE video tour. The condo she was originally interested in went under contract before the video was even uploaded for the buyer to view. However, we never quit. A new condo in the same community, this one was ocean view, came on the market LITERALLY hours later. He talked to the buyer and they wrote an offer TWO DAYS after her calling in. Just 15 days later we closed a $1.600,000 condo. After 1 call and 1 video tour. CLOSED $1,600,000 And that, ladies and gentlemen,

Aspiring realtors,

Struggling realtors,

Realtors looking to scale their business,

Realtors looking to change their lives, Realtors looking to provide more for their families,

Realtors who want to CRUSH goals and create newer bigger goals... how you CLOSE $3,583,000 in volume in 2 days.

It’s simple. You Join. You sell houses.

Congratulations Scott & Lauren. You 2 are an incredible team, incredible presence in the office, and just all around incredible people. We’re beyond blessed to have agents like you working with a team like us and helping grow the agents around you!!



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