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33 Listing in 21 Days

After a recent campaign to stir up more listings, DJ & Lindsey agents signed 33 listings in 21 days.

This is not a pretty graphic… it’s just data.. (& hard work!) 📊💪

A few weeks ago a friend in the industry was running a little contest. He was running 30 listing appointments in 30 days. It was absolutely fascinating and inspiring to watch him! 🤩🏆

Some days were amazing. Some days were BRUTAL! 🌟😤

But he was committed to his challenge and more important than anything, he was CONSISTENT! 💯

After watching his success by just re-combing through his database, NOT generating NEW leads, but revisiting the “old” ones… I got inspired! ✨🗂️

We put our heads together and put together a little strategy of our own. 🤝💡

How are we going to spark NEW interest from old?? 🤔 How do we reach people who are interested in selling their house, they just don’t know where to start?? 🏡💭

Unfortunately, I’m not gonna “reveal the secrets they don’t want you to know.” 🤐

We’ll roll those secrets out later on this year… 🗓️

But what it did was STIR opportunity. It created a MASSIVE interest in people looking to speak to someone about selling their house! 🔥📈

Our agents did NOTTTT sleep on those opportunities either… 😴🚫

In 21 days… this elite group of agents SIGNEDDDD… 33 NEW listings!! 🖊️🆕🎉

That is INSANE!! 🤯

With 5 more days left before the HALFWAY mark on 2024… I can’t WAIT to see where the final number lands! 🗓️📈

Incredible work! 👏👏

I’m really glad I ordered more signs at the beginning of the year!! 🪧😅

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