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Tory Atkin's is off to a hot start to 2023... but this day was CRAZY!

THAT WOULD BE AMAZING RIGHT?!? I think we could all agree that selling 4 homes in ONE month would be a GREAT month! Even more so now in 2023, where the market has slowed from the previous 2 year frenzy. But even back then, selling 4 homes in the same month would be an incredible accomplishment and worth celebrating… Ok so what do you do when you sell 4 houses in ONE DAY!?!?!? Because she’s in need for celebration recommendations…

You remember Tory… she had an incredible end of 2022 by highlighting how she was able to pay off $13,000 worth of debt. Clearly seems to not be holding anything back in 2023.

Last week, she sold 3 of her listings and a 4th with one of her buyers!

2 of her 3 listings sold for OVER ASK, and ALL 3 were on market in LESS than 10 days! INCREDIBLE! Since the start of 2023, she has STEPPED up her social media game!

She has RAMPED up her listing business!

Has 9 PENDING home sales…. and we’re only 53 days into the year!

And if that wasn’t enough… she rounded out her 4 home sales with a SIGNED LISTING AGREEMENT! Tory, don’t stop! Keep building! Keep selling! Tory is just one of our amazingly talented, hard working, and educated agents! Check out our January top producers to see more of these agents! And if you’d like to join them and completely scale your business, click the button below!

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