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April 1st: Virtual Virtual Brokerage

Remember when we said we had a BIG announcement coming up? Well, the day is finally here!!

Lindsey and I are dedicated to bringing the NEWEST and BEST experiences to not only the consumer, but our agents as well.

Our newest VR department has been working their tail off trying to build this modern experience.

We may not be the first ones to do it, but we knew we wanted to do it RIGHT and make it feel as real as possible.

Real estate is HARD, and we’ve dedicated our lives and our staffs lives in order to make it EVEN EASIER for the consumer, our agents, and their families.

This is just one stepping stone into our growth and our commitment to completely change the game and the real estate industry.

Please help me us by welcoming our newest venture… The Virtual Virtual Brokerage: DJ & Lindsey Real Estate. Happy April Fools from your favorite Realtors at DJ & Lindsey Real Estate!


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