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April Top Producers

This top 10 sold $24 Million in JUST the month of April.


April TOP 10 Numbers are innnn…

Looking back at our FIRST month into Q2 and these agents are just crazy!

They are obsessed!

They are highly educated!

They are highly COMPETITIVE!!

This squad right here closed an impressive $24.4 MILLION in April.

One team closed $3.5M in 3 days!

Another duo just signed a listing for $2.8M!


One of these agents took a vacation to Jamaica!

Sometimes, there’s not much to say but just good old fashioned HARD WORK!

That’s exactly what got these agents on this list, and that’s what is going to get other’s up here in the following months!

In a previous post, we discussed how our agents are just different. They just love it. They grind when they grind and they relax when they’re relaxing.

Plain and simple. Just hard work…. And a TON of leads!!

These agents just prefer to fish in a stocked pond instead of floating around the ocean without a fishing pole or bait!

Listen, this industry is hard… so why make it harder. When you work hard, you want results.

And our agents work hard! And the results follow!

I disagree with the phrase “they don’t make em’ like they used to.”

Because we’re over here makin’ BETTER than they used to. With education, resources, and all the shortcuts you’d need to be a TRUE Top Producer!

Congratulations to this hard working crew! We’re proud of you!

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