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August TOP Producers

DJ & Lindsey agents closed $40 MILLION in volume and sold an additional $50 MILLION in the month of August!


Last week I shared a conversation I had with someone regarding the market, productivity, and agents' ability to find opportunities in this market… 📈💼🔍

I followed with photos of closings from the previous week… 📸 If you subscribe to our newsletter you know that our agents CLOSED on 22 homes last week as well as put 41 homes UNDER CONTRACT. 🏡✒️💰

An absolutely EXCELLENT week! 🎉💪 But that’s what it’s all about. That’s what it’s always about! 💯

Just trying to stitch multiple wins together, into multiple weeks together, into multiple months together. That’s what success looks like. 🧩📆🏆

With that, I’d like to roll out the red carpet for our agents who did that in August! 🚀👏

$4,000,000 is a lotta volume for a slimming market. 💰💼

$2,926,000 is a lotta volume for everyone cutting back. 💵📉

$2,113,500 is a lotta volume for someone who doesn’t post new headshots every week. 📸🙅‍♂️

Sometimes I wonder if we’re living in an alternate universe where surrounding yourself with other successful people is a bad thing… 🌌🤔

Like, I’m in some bad dream and I’m saying something I assume to be common knowledge, but like, no one can understand me and they’re just walking around aimlessly like they’re in an Enya video. 😴🚶‍♂️🎶

Regardless, I’m doing it because I know it’s the best way to grow and be successful. I encourage you and anyone else to do the same. 💪🤝

And if you’re unsure if where you are is a place like that, I’d love to speak with you about surrounding yourself with successful people who also want you to succeed. 🗣️🤝

Success leaves clues… just follow the clues. 🔍🚀

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