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Building a Legacy of his own!

Preston Jowers has been on the team for 8 months and has sold just under $10,000,000.

Preston Jowers came to us just after becoming a father. Why is that significant?

Because his wife, Taylor, was an agent with us shortly after she had their baby and was looking for a brokerage she could jump start her business. There was just one problem…

She was a really good agent, and she was REALLY busy! Which some would say, that's great news! Others would say, this time is crucial to be around your baby.

Well, Taylor felt the same way, she wanted to share those early moments with their child.

Preston, there’s your que buddy! [Preston, a strapping & handsome young lad with terrific hair enters stage left]

Preston and his wife Taylor believed in our brokerage so much that Preston went out, got licensed, and joined our team!

He didn’t take off in a rocket in his first month. Not even his second month. But month 3 things started to click.

After using the resources around him, the dominos started to fall. Connecting with his customers and selling houses. In fact, in the last 90 days he’s closed over $3.1MILLION.

He also did what every Disney prince caliber husband would do… he bought his wife a new car!

But he didn’t stop there… he’s booked a cruise for his family for next month!!

These are the results of selling almost $10,000,000 in just 8 months.

However we can’t give Preston all the credit! It takes a strong support system to be able to climb these mountains. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is the perfect daily recipe for success. But where it really counts is when he goes home.

His wife's support he dubs is “paramount to his success here.” And we don’t doubt it!

Keep up the incredible work! You’re on a new journey that’s moving faster than you expected. Goals being accomplished sooner than you had planned. That’s fine, just remember to continue to set new and bigger ones! You and your family deserve it!

Don’t forget, Taylor found us first… and was nice enough to come let you achieve your dreams here!

And for that, we thank her!!!

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