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Can you buy a house with crypto?

It's all you hear about now, CRYTO & NFTs.... but how are they crossing over into the REAL world?!

Lindsey explains how a sale in Tampa was purchased with cryptocurrency and the deed was transferred as an NFT purchase!

"title never truly changed. It's the same company that owns it... they just sold the LLC in Crypto"

Lindsey explains:

" The entity that owned the house in real life, right? Was an LLC and so, this can happen right now in real life. You can transfer ownership of the LLC, right? You could sell shares with the LLC or you could transfer the entire LLC, right?

So, if I own a house and it's Lindsey LLC, right? I could sell shares of my LLC or transfer the entire ownership and if I own one house or six houses underneath my company, my LLC.

I can transfer that company to someone else, right? They could pay me in cash.

They could pay me in, pasta. They could pay me in, you know, cryptocurrency, whatever they want to do but I would just transfer ownership of that LLC, right?

So, title never truly changed. It's the same company that owns it. It's cool that the deed was an NFT but like the deed still recorded at the local clerk's office with the same owner which is the LLC that owned it. So, but it was interesting to read all the comments because people were just losing their mind. Making all these crazy assumptions and I'm like, it's really not that crazy but you gotta read."


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