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Community VOTED: Top 3 Business in Jacksonville

DJ & Lindsey Real Estate has been COMMUNITY VOTED in the TOP 3 of best real estate companies in Jacksonville & North Florida!

Last month we were notified that our agents made an incredible achievement by being ranked #1 in Jacksonville by the Jacksonville Business Journal.   🏆🏆

An award marked by sales volume and hard work! An award separating the FIRST and SECOND ranked companies by $400,000,000 in sales volumes and almost 1,200 houses sold!    

Incredible! 🎉 ⭐️

However our pride doesn’t stop there!

Last week we received a letter stating that we’ve landed in the TOP 3 of the BEST OF THE BOLD CITY!

An award nominated and voted on by the COMMUNITY! An award solely based on CUSTOMER SERVICE AND VALUE!   🏆🏆

Although the FINAL announcement of first, second, and third place won't happen until August, we’re beyond excited, thankful, and PROUD of our agents and staff!

This nomination, recognition, and classification is none other than a BADGE OF HONOR for their dedication to their customers and this community!

They are not only #1 by business metrics, they are also top in their class by the intangibles!

BEST in:

✅ Customer Care

 Market Knowledge

✅ Negotiation

✅ Marketing

✅ Accessibility



Congratulations! Beyond proud of you all!

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