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Consistency is Key 🔑

DJ DellaSala on stage at TomFerry's Summit explaining how himself and his agents scale their businesses with these 3 simple hacks.


Here's the deal: Every night, before you “hit the hay”, take a moment to envision your day ahead. Set clear intentions for what you want to accomplish, and trust me, that simple act of preparation is going to supercharge your productivity the next morning and give you a clear path to accomplishing those daily goals! ⏰

Now, let's talk non-negotiables. 📝 These are the crucial tasks that MUST get done, no excuses! Identify them, embrace them, and conquer them with unwavering dedication. That's the secret sauce to unlock consistent wins! 🏆

I know it's not always easy. Some might say I'm the love-hate KING because of my relentless consistency, but here's the truth: that consistency is the backbone of my success, our agents' success, and it can be YOURS too!

When I wake up, you know what I do? I lock in to my sacred time from 9am-11am, and I stay laser-focused on “moving people down the funnel.” 🎯 That's my bread and butter! My “funnel” has since changed. It’s more of a “moving the needle” than “moving down funnel” but I digress. But guess what? It works like magic! ✨

So here's the winning formula for all you amazing hustlers out there:

➡️ Set your schedule

➡️ Embrace & tackle your non-negotiables

➡️ And be CONSISTENT! 👊

If you stick to the plan, roll up your sleeves, and if you take action every day, I promise you, there's nothing stopping you from achieving the success you dream of.

You've got this, and I believe in you! 💪 Which is VERY important. Surrounding yourself with those who believe in you! That’s the environment I’ve built for MYSELF & I happily SHARE it with each and every one who works with us!

Now go out there, make those calls, have those conversations, and watch your business soar!🚀 Let's make it happen, together!

Drop a 🔥 in the comments if you're ready to crush it! And if you want to know more about how to level up your sales game, just shout "Interested" below, and we’ll reach out and see how we can help you SUCCEED!

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