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DJ & Lindsey Real Estate's TOP 10 PRODUCERS for February 2023

I’ve been saying it for as LONG as we’ve been building it…. Our Selling System will allow ANYONE who desires MORE for themselves the opportunity to do so!

This group of people are BEYOND deserving of a TOP SPOT… and to be honest… I’m not even surprised!

So what is so different about this top 10 from previous months?

In this group, THREE of them are prior small business owners.

THREE of them are completely NEW to real estate and came here freshly licensed.

SIX of them you’ve seen before…because they’re always putting in the reps and seeing success. #consistency

ONE of them however, has a total of 14 homes UNDER CONTRACT RIGHT NOW! FOURTEEN! She’s part of a duo that has 25 homes under contract between the two of them!

These agents are OBSESSED.

They’re obsessed with their craft! They spend hours upon hours training, educating, and learning as much as possible to be able to serve their customers with the best service and share their knowledge…

…Building bonds with new construction builders, for increased purchase incentive.

…Receiving first hand knowledge from a TOP lending mortgage team about mortgage rates, pre-approval, and other affordability programs for home buyers.

The opportunities are HERE, it’s how you approach them that will make the difference.

This is just a small fraction of the elite agents who have built their business inside the walls of DJ & Lindsey Real Estate.

These 10 are just a few of the incredible souls building their lives and business here.

We’re adding SMART agents CONSTANTLY.

Last week alone, there were over a dozen agents who reached out directly to us to find out what opportunities our team has to offer.

One day, I hope to see each one of them up on a similar post!

But back to this crew! They need your help!!

They are THE BEST!

So let them know!

Follow the link to Nominate THEM and THEIR BROKERAGE for THE BEST OF 2023!


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