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First Day at DJ&Lindsey Real Estate

Jonathan Ruggiero | October 26,2022

From starting your career to further progressing in your career, many emotions come all at once. The feeling of your first sale to the moment you walk through that door. New sense of drive forms from within. It can be the best decision of your life or the biggest stab to the heart. If you've never worked a job in your life and need the inside scoop, you came to the right place.

Nerves Set In

It's completely normal to have that uneasy feeling in your stomach the moment you walk into your new job. Sitting outside in your car, thinking about all the possibilities that you could run into. Then to walking inside the door to be greeted. It's all about that first impression that sets the tone for anyone. Here at DJ&Lindsey Real Estate, the moment I walked through that door, I was greeted with a welcoming smile.

The Initial Greetings

The sparked-up small talk at the front door, and the walk to the studio where I would meet my marketing mentor. I initially felt a sense of relief within the office. The feeling of abandonment and being lost within a building was in the rear-view mirror. The warm welcome, to setting me up in my workspace; was very smooth and I could feel the high energy. From walking past unfamiliar faces, they lit up with a big smile and a greeting. Even though it was fifty strangers in a room, you could feel the teamwork. From realtors, to the media team; here at DJ&Lindsey everyone works together to create a home in a workplace.

Listening and Observing

Getting set up at my desk was an easy process, they knew exactly were to plug me in. I felt like the last piece to a puzzle. I sat down, got all set up, then had the run down from Todd. He presented the job title and what all it entails. Most companies present what they want you to do and then kick you to the curb whenever you defend yourself. In this office, he sat me down and described vocally and visually what the vision was for my job role. It gave me a sense of purpose. Instead of telling me what to do, he gave me freedom to think creativity. I have gathered that this company lets you be yourself, to find your own lane, and they want your creativity to be seen. The sense of freedom and creativity is riveting to me. It lets you grow into the person you want to become, not the societal standard that corporate America has set on society.

Work Environment

The constant sound of ringing phones that are creating new business opportunities. Observing people walking around, hustling to be next up to make that new client connection. Smiling faces, to the smiles fading into serious work mode. It's an art to watch, the numbers of this company don't lie. Putting in the training and hard work pays off in the end. Sitting in my seat, feeling like the new kid in school, I was quickly approached by many coworkers with high energy and a smile to greet me. It helped me feel comfortable in this new work environment. Being in the environment of leaders, gives me the confidence to be myself and to create the version of myself I want to be. Seeing the artwork on the walls that are filled with motivational sayings. Some days you aren't feeling the best, but you need that extra push. Read the fine print on the wall, I bet it encourages you to be the best version of yourself.


Mistakes are a given in any aspect of life; it's how you deal with them that makes the difference. In some companies it's hard to ask questions when you are new because you don't want to seem uneducated. Everyone hates that feeling because you're just so lost and don't know the next step that needs to be done. At DJ&Lindsey its more of a trial-and-error type of feeling. You try different things out and attempt to find your niche within the company. So, for my personal experience, I am going to try different systems and platforms to understand the day-to-day operation here. With time I will catch on and know my role here in the company. It doesn't feel like you will be shamed for asking a question. The feeling is encouraged from what I have understood. They want you to ask questions so they can help you learn and grow. The sky seems to be the limit here, so many different ways you can maneuver within this company.

Overall Thoughts

This company has truly inspired me to perfect my craft and grow within my career. My first thoughts before coming into this office was thinking it was going to be another mainstream real estate company. Although, it has same morals and tactics of any real estate office you can walk into, DJ&Lindsey has taken me by storm. They operate in their own ways, creating a sense of independency among their competitors. Seeing what's being done and mentoring the process has given me a different look at this company. This market is changing with the times and this company is a step ahead. Most real estate offices use what systems have been in place for years and isn't trying to reach a new market. The world is changing, and social media is a goldmine for marketers. Having a great social media presence to reach this new generation of potential buyers is key. Their system has worked from going against the grain and having a media team in house. The podcast has put them above the rest to reach new heights and markets. Overall, I think DJ&Lindsey is the place to be if you have a heart for the grind and to achieve new heights.

Jonathan Ruggiero

Marketing Intern

UNF Student

Day 1

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