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From The Desk of CEO: DJ DellaSala

CEO DJ DellaSala took to Facebook to share the growth and success of his agents in his brokerage amid the rest of the real estate industry reports losses and downsizing.

What if you could create an environment where energy and positivity start your day?

What if you could have a community of people welcoming you to a family with excitement and contribution?

What if you had a group helping you gain knowledge faster?

What if you had unparalleled support in your journey for personal growth?

What if you had structure that created certainty so you can achieve your goals?

What if you didn’t have to wonder where the next customer was going to come from?

What if there was a way to create financial stability so you can live the experiences you have always dreamed of?


I have heard there is some negativity about home prices, home sales, interest rates, and lack of opportunities.

I have also heard that Real Estate companies are making strategic layoffs to protect their bottom line.


I believe that there has never been a more EXCITING time to be in Real Estate than right now!!!

There is an opportunity right now for Real Estate agents to succeed and THRIVE!

We are so excited to welcome this group of individuals below to our family!!!

They have all have joined in the last 60 days and ALREADY making an impact!!!

They are choosing to create their own environment of certainty and positivity that will outlast ANY market.

I have never been more excited to help agents and leaders grow!!

The Best is Yet to Come!!


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