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From the DESK OF DJ Dellasala...

Market Correction…..

Shifting Market…..

Low Inventory…..

These are terms I’m hearing all of the time!!!

If you are a Buyer OR a Seller in this market… IT IS HARD!!!!

If you are an AGENT in this market… it is EVEN HARDER!!!

In a business where there’s historically been an 87% failure rate as an agent…. I think this is where the market “correction,” “shifting” market, and shrinking inventory (for agents) is about to happen!!

As CEO, it has been my job over the last 6 years to see the writing on the wall!

To see the TRENDS of what the customer deserves, what they will be expecting, and ultimately who they will choose to work with.

You are going to start seeing a TREND of industry leaders, coaches, and Brokerages shifting their tactics.

Flexibility, make your own schedule, be your own boss… are all going to be REPLACED.

Accountability, certainty, stability, follow up, leads, making calls, an Uber-like experience…

THESE will be the new BUZZ words.

It’s already happening.

As inventory shrinks, so do sales. It gets HARDER, it’s always been hard. There has been an 87% fail rate for DECADES. However, everyone has been scared of change…

We founded DJ & Lindsey Real Estate based on the “new” buzz words. Because of this, we have had exponential GROWTH year after year!

We have provided our agents with ALL of the protection from being one of the 87%. Those who adopted it NEVER FAILED, and they NEVER WILL!!

DJ & Lindsey Real Estate has SOLIDIFIED the BEST partnerships, and is continuing to ADD to these!! Get readyyyyy!

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be sharing our story, our why, our HOW!!

There will be three cities… Napa Valley, Charleston, and NYC.

We are going to travel over 4,000 miles to share with our industry!!!

We are doing this to give back to an industry that we LOVE!!!

It’s been 6 years of building the foundation, the foundation others will be adopting will take time!! It’ll take hard work, it’ll take battle scars.

Good News is…. we are AHEAD!!!

Everyone in our brokerage is absolutely PROSPERING!!

We have MORE agents than ever!!

We have MORE employees than ever!!

And guess what?????

We will be adding MORE!!!

The next few years are going to be SUPER exciting!! I’m excited to share my journey with you. Lindsey and I are going to be SUPER active in showing you behind the scenes of these adventures on DJandLindsey social profiles.

It’s on!!!!!


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