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From the Desk of the CEO: DJ DellaSala

DJ DellaSala on the difficulty of the market ahead for real estate agents

I am NOT going to claim to be an Economist or try and play one on Facebook.

What am I???

I’m an Expert in Real Estate Sales.

As a 16 year Real Estate Broker, having seen good markets, bad markets, and everything in between…. I have flipped over 50 homes and invested in countless Long and Short term rentals.

If you are in Real Estate ANYWHERE in the United States, here’s my advice.


But unfortunately, many of you won’t take part in that, probably because of your EGO!!!

You know that I’ve been preaching for a long while now that you need Leads, Systems, Accountability, and REAL Leadership.

If you are a Team Leader or a Brokerage and you HAVEN’T been building your database to at LEAST 200,000 people in the last 5 years, it’s going to get REALLY tough.

If you are a Team Leader or a Brokerage and you HAVEN’T aligned yourself with all of the lead generation tools possible… it’s too late!!

If you are an agent still thinking you are going to go to networking events, door knock twice a year, or post memes on social media, IT’S GOING TO GET TOUGH.

If you are an agent, you need to find the largest lead generating team in your market!! If you aren’t sure of who that is… HIT ME UP because I want you to make it!!

If you are an agent in MY markets…

We have over 5,000 inbound buyers and sellers STILL inquiring to figure out what their move is EVERY MONTH! 160 inbound calls a DAY!

Our team of Leaders are here for you!!

If you are a Team Leader or a Brokerage and would like to explore what it might look like to come here, let’s talk!!

We have some of the GREATEST humans you will ever work alongside.

Yes, it’s true… you WILL have to pick up the phone and talk to people about Real Estate.

Yes, it’s true we do constantly train and have accountability sessions about how to get you BETTER at being efficient with your time.

Yes, it’s true we have lots of agents here who have ALREADY made over $200k NET to them so far just this year!

Yes, it’s true we have a 50/50 split and sometimes it has a referral fee attached to it on the leads the company generates because of our relationships around the country.

Yes, it’s true we just paid a $70,000 commission out on a PERSONAL LEAD that an agent generated because of how amazing she is… at a 90% split and alllll the exact same perks of the team.

Yes, it’s true on that $70k commission… it actually was referred by a lead she had last year… that one was on a 50/50 split, and she ONLY made $18k, but then worked the relationship and made $70k this year!

So if you are someone who ONLY has their family in mind, and wants to make it in this tough market… Your BEST chance is going to be on this team. I can promise you that you will be successful and your family will be secure with your working here.

If you are even a little bit curious, I would love to link you up with Brittany Nolan, Brett Moreland, or Megan DeVust for you to talk. They are truly amazing and will help you navigate what you need to do to become successful in this market.

From the looks of the stock market today, and rates going up this week… it’s not getting any easier anytime soon!!

I want to work together and thrive with ALL of you!!

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