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HAPPY 7 YEARS! Broker Brittany Nolan

Brittany Nolan celebrates 7 years at DJ&Lindsey Real Estate where she start as an agent turned broker.


Seven years ago, a young ambitious agent from a big box brokerage walked through our door, hoping to learn and grow in this industry. Fresh out of college, she knew only one thing, she might not know as much as everyone, but she certainly will outwork them. I have been in this business for 17 years and I can truly say that Brittany is one of a kind.

If you know me, you know that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are huge influences in my life and my career. That’s because they both go about their “jobs” the same way Brittany goes about hers.

“Hard work beats talent any day.”

Brittany is the result of when talent and hard work run into each other!

It seems just like yesterday you were jumping out of the car placing pizza boxes onto door steps in, potentially, one of my most insane marketing ideas yet!

We get asked all the time, “How do you have such a strong brokerage? That’s what I want my team to be.”

It’s because of incredible & ambitious leaders like Brittany.

That young girl that was delivering pizza boxes is now the broker of one of the best brokerages in this industry and has single-handedly been involved in more than 6,600 home sales and over $2.2 billion in volume!!



We could not be more proud of you!!

After all of the things that you’ve accomplished in the first seven years, we cannot wait for the next seven!!

We’d love to say we know what you’re capable of, we just don’t know.

You are simply too incredible to predict!!

Happy 7 year anniversary Brittany Nolan !!

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