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He Doubled his Income too?!? 💸💸

Markus Brown is one of many DJ&Lindsey agents who are doubling their income in a compressing market.

Real estate is a crazy industry. There are so many different opportunities to be successful just within real estate. 🏠📈

To say that some of those cross paths from time to time would be obvious. But doesn't necessarily mean that if someone is very successful in one facet that they will more than likely or almost definitely be successful in another...

Markus Brown found DJ&Lindsey after a successful career in property management. So successful, in fact, that he was flown around the country to train other markets that his company managed property in. 🌟✈️

After purchasing a home in Jacksonville, Florida, with his now-fiancé, his company offered him a full-time position in Savannah, Georgia, which Marcus had declined. During Covid, Markus took it upon himself to get licensed in real estate as he wasn't licensed for his property management position. 🏡🔑

Markus joined the team and got off to a less than stellar start... Unfortunately, Markus didn't sell a single home in his first 3 months with the team...

By month 4... he had sold 3 homes. Why?

Markus met with his mentors, and they got to the bottom of why he wasn't writing many contracts...

He was approaching his customers differently than those he used to deal with in property management. He thought there was more than just connecting with people.

He thought people wanted the facts only. 📚

He thought they wanted a robot with information. 🤖

He thought they wanted someone to come unlock the door. 🔑

He thought his years of talking and connecting with people weren't what they wanted. 🗣️💔


Brittany, Brett, Travis & Holly to the RESCUE!

Role-playing and reconnecting with his customers, Markus was himself again!

So much so that he sold 27 houses his FIRST YEAR!! (Anybody checkin that math?)

27 homes in a single year! Impressive! 🏆🏡

Well, apparently not to Markus, because in just 6 months Markus has closed an additional…


Keep it up Markus! Agents look up to you and your hard work. It's also incredibly rewarding to watch too! Watching you take advantage of all your resources in order to achieve success for yourself and your family!! So proud of this guy! 🙌👏

I recently held an in-house seminar with our agents on "How to Double Your business." It's no shocker that Markus possesses a lot of the qualities and traits of a winner like so many of his fellow agents around him. 💪🏽📚

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