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He Needs His Own Superhero Name! 💫🤩

Lawrence Cipollone currently leads the brokerage in pending home sales with 11 pending sales.

Lawrence came down to visit his father in Florida in the early months of 2020. We’re talking March 2020. Meer days before complete shutdown. As luck would have it, he was stuck in Florida.

He started exploring the surrounding areas and saw “for sale” sign after “for sale” sign. His father mentions, “why don’t you go into real estate?”

We first sat down with Lawrence in December 2021, 7 months after joining April. He had already CLOSED 24 homes! Which is already CRAZY! But for Lawrence, it was just the beginning. He would go on to finish his FIRST YEAR IN REAL ESTATE with 36 HOMES SOLD!

✅ New career.

✅ New Industry.


Coming off a year of 36 homes, Lawrence leaned into his teammates for growth and guidance. One agent in particular seemed to share the same sales and career goals as Lawrence. You may have heard of her before… Lexi Psihogios.

Lawrence teamed up with Lexi on specific deals and strategies. Helping each other with appointments and showings. Even attending listing appointments together to be able to match sellers with like personalities between the two of them.

A year AFTER we featured Lawrence on the podcast, December 2022, Lawrence had already closed 43 HOMES! The “first year”, “green” , “naive” , agent had already sold the same amount of volume some agents home to sell in HALF A DECADE! I know what you’re thinking, “impressive yes, but he had already sold 24 homes during the hottest market.” Nope, you just added wrong. He sold 43 homes from December 2021 to December 2022. He sold 43 homes through the “shifting market” of 2022. You know the year most agents fell out of the business just as quickly as they jumped in. Not Lawrence, he had a plan, he had goals, and he CRUSHED THEM.

So let's catch up with Lawrence today. After just celebrating his 2 year anniversary here at DJ & Lindsey, his ALL TIME sales are 71 HOMES. YIIIIIIIIKKKESSSS!!! Surely he’s slowing down… HAA WRONG AGAIN! Lawrence currently sits AT THE TOP OF THE LEADERBOARD WITH…. (drum roll)


Absolutely B.A.N.A.N.A.S! 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Lawrence, take a bow, take a breath, take a vacation!

We absolutely LOVE the new life you’re building and if you don’t mind we’d like to watch with a bucket of popcorn as you continue to grow and dominate this industry!


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