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Homeownership. It's what we believe in.

DJ & Lindsey Agents celebrating their new home purchases with leadership at Valley Smoke BBQ

We have ONE goal here.

Homeownership. End of story.

For our customers AND for our agents.

Might be your FIRST home… might be your TENTH!

It’s a privilege, nonetheless, and one that we pride ourselves on being big a part of!

So what does THIS group of people have in common?

They have PURCHASED homes since working with us.

Here’s the best part… some of these aren’t just FIRST homes, some are INVESTMENT properties!

Meaning our agents are also BUILDING their portfolios and providing for their families, outside of helping others buy or sell their home!

Practice what you preach! If the market’s going to crash… why are the people who are at the forefront of the market and obsessed, still buying?

Your intel might be bad… I’d head over to and find out what opportunities there are in joining the #2 team in the entire state of FLORIDA or opportunities to build your portfolio!

Absolutely HUGE HUGE HUG to this group! We seriously could not be MORE proud than we are right now!!

Celebrating the #1 goal, the #1 privilege… OWNING A HOME!

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