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Ignite your business in a cooling market

Tom Ferry, DJ DellaSala & others give golden advice to agents in this shifting market

New offer and online bidding platform Doorsey held a webinar, today, hosted by Tom Ferry. The webinar was geared towards licensed real estate agents looking to jolt their business in this crazy shifting market. As interest rates rise and the buyer pool starts shifting, 90% of real estate agents who have little to no guidance are left in the dark without any ideas of survival.

Luckily, Tom Ferry had good friend and coaching client DJ DellaSala on the webinar to discuss all the things that we are doing, so our agents aren't feeling any of the effects of this shift. Most arm chair real estate agents are wondering what their new profession will be as leads dry up with the massive change in the market.

25% of deals will fall apart. Now imagine your deal expires and your customers rate lock expires... you're going to have a hard time gaining trust back"

This hour long webinar features some pretty hard hitting information that might leave some of you wondering what your next move is.

Don't panic.

We'd love to help you get through this and guarantee you success on the other side.

Follow the link below to schedule a meeting with our broker and secure your spot on the #11 real estate team in AMERICA and #2 in the entire state of FLORIDA!

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