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It's Award Season 🏆

DJ & Lindsey hosted their 11th Annual Awards Gala Saturday night at Chez L'Amour in downtown historic Saint Augustine.

Last night was nothing short of incredible!! DJ & I get to work with and work FOR the most amazing people!!  


We held our annual awards dinner at the beautiful Chez l’Amour @bitesbubblesandjazz with the TOP producers from 2023! With a fun theme, Old Hollywood, the outfits DID NOT disappoint!!

We celebrated the BIGGEST sale, the smallest sale and everything in between!! This is just a glimpse, a small snapshot into the night!!  

A huge round of applause for the award winners:

🏆 Dave Cassirer - Super Star Award (Highest Sale) | $4,700,000

🏆 Theo Fulger - The Closer Award (Most Units) | 57 Homes Sold

🏆 Lexi Psihogios - The Producer Award (Most Volume) | $21,300,000

🏆 Tory Atkins - Customer First Award (Smallest Sale) | $17,000

🏆 Travis Moore - #BeKind Award (company voted)

🏆 Preston Jowers - Rising Star Award (Impressive volume in 1st year of real estate)

🏆 Lawrence Cipollone - Top Flex Agent

🏆 Scott Dustin - Top Florida Closing Company Partner

Congratulations to all the award winners! But let’s not forget about the rest of the guests attending!!

Just to show you how impressive and how competitve these agents are... In 2023 there was only a HANDFUL of months where you could sell LESS than $1,000,000 in volume and make the cut!!! Some months we had 18 agents selling OVER $1,000,000 and weren't able to crack into the top 10!

These agents are beyond incredible and I'm so thrilled to be able to work with them, work for them, and celebrate their border line impossible achievements!!

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