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🎉July TOP Producers🏡


🚨DISCLAIMER🚨: This post is for BIG Agents, with BIG goals! 💪

When it comes to math….. 🧮 Yea, nope that’s literally it. It’s just math. 😂

It’s not pretending.🙅‍♂️

It’s not promising.🚫

It’s not a bunch of buzzwords. 🐝

It’s just math.

And the math says THESE AGENTS SELL HOUSES! 🏠🔥

The best part is… it’s not even difficult math. Anyone can do it. Whether you’re a licensed realtor or an “investor” trying tirelessly to get your blog off the coffee shop floor.☕️📚

(Customers needing help + Agent’s who prioritize them ) A BADASS TEAM = Successful business


Some of these agents you’ve met before… actually.. Almost all of our agents you’ve met before… why?

Because it's about them. ❤️

Our agents work their TAILS off for their customers and for their goals! It’s all about them. They are the heartbeat of this company and this industry. They do what they do for themselves, their families , their goals, and most importantly their future. That’s why they sell so much. THEY LOVE TO SELL HOUSES! ❤️🏠

If you subscribe to our email newsletter📧, you know that this select 10 was a part of a crew that sold 53 HOMES last week! That’s 53 families👪, 53 active military🎖️, 53 first time homebuyers🔑, 53 souls that needed help buying or selling homes.


Now, although our entire brokerage is incredible✨, this crew in particular is WICKED! Not a single agent on here cuts corners. Not a single agent on here has a bad attitude. Not a single agent on here steps on others to make themselves tall… This crew locks arms and says, “we’re in this together!!”🤝

I have PERSONALLY witnessed every. single. agent. on this leaderboard help another agent out. Because this team isn’t full of selfish agents, running their own business. It’s a TEAM of hard working, BADASS, collaborative, non-quitters, building THEIR businesses TOGETHER!🔥🙌

That’s the environment we laid the groundwork for in 2013.

And that’s what THEY continue to practice over a decade later.

A massive round of applause👏 for these 10 leaders! The company is a mirror image of its makeup. And these 10… 12 agents (again math sweetie 😉) are a good looking snapsho t📸 of what you can expect from them! 💪🎉

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