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"...Just a Ball, but it's a lot more to me"

We invest in people looking to help themselves and help others.

Plain and Simple.

We invest in the agent to make sure they can provide the BEST level of service to the consumer!

The consumers wants drive the industry and the industry is changing.

Uber. Doordash. Amazon. Instacart. GrubHub.

All give the consumer control of THEIR experience and timeline.

Real Estate is not only next, it's here.

And people like Jamie who understand that and work to align themselves toward that change, will continue to THRIVE.



Repost: Jamie Fowler

1 year. 365 days I’ve spent being a real estate agent with @djandlindsey. Today Brett Moreland awarded me with the “game ball” for this quarter and although just a ball at the end of the day, this award means a lot to me.

Getting started in this business isn’t easy. Most new agents never even get up off the ground. This ball signifies an insane amount of dedication, time, energy and most of all sacrifice.

22 homes sold.

$5.5 Million in Volume.

But more importantly I’ve built a strong foundation for my own business which will allow my family to have a life that I can be proud of.

Massive thanks to my mentors for teaching me the ways, answering my questions at 9:30 at night, and for pushing me to get better every day.

Thanks @katefowler__ for holding down the fort every single day, raising Declan and dealing with a crazy pup is no easy feat and I have so much respect for your ability to do it day in and day out.

This is just the beginning 📈

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