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Knowledge = Success

Lawrence Cipollone is a licensed & highly educated real estate agent with DJ & Lindsey Real Estate

When Lawrence Cipollone met his buyers at their current residents, he was shocked to find out the price it was listed. Lawrence was connected with them through one of our exclusive partnerships who connects customers with licensed and highly trained DJ & Lindsey Real Estate agents. After Lawrence's hard work of finding the perfect property and writing a winning offer, his buyers wanted to hear more from Lawrence about why their current residence hadn't sold yet or even had any offers on it. You see, Lawrence met his buyers AFTER they had already listed their home with another agent. So after this couple had such great success with Lawrence, they wanted him to aid in the sale of their currently listed home.

Lawrence had just one response for his buyers,

"With all do respect, I don't want to step on the current agents toes with their plan."

After having their home on market for 50 days, they decided to cancel their listing agreement and list with, you guessed it, Lawrence Cipollone. Once Lawrence really started digging into the details of their home and the market he found that the home was priced inaccurately, and NOT in the direction you'd assume. He thought that the home was underpriced. Lawrence met with his marketing team, the in house marketing & media company of DJ & Lindsey Real Estate, and hatched a listing plan. After some fresh photos, and actual marketing plan, and a proper price increase, the home that had sat on the market for 50+ days before was under contract. Not only did Lawrence accomplish something that the previous agent couldn't, he sold it for MORE than it was previously unsuccessfully listed!

Congratulations to Lawrence and his sellers! Here's to the next chapter!

But we just have one question..... HOW?!?!?


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