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Leading by Example 🔥

You’ve heard the old adage, “I’d never ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do myself.” Well if you’re Brittany Nolan, not only would you never ask… you never stopped! 🌪 🚀 Brittany never asks, she just DOES! ✅ She does whatever needs to be done so her agents are successful! ✅ She does whatever needs to be done so her agents' families have better lives! ✅ She does whatever needs to be done so that her agents’ know that their broker has their back! After being promoted to the broker, one thing changed… her last name. That was it! 🎉 Since she has become the broker, her title has changed, but her attitude, energy, and responsibilities have not. She brings anyone who’s willing to work hard and wants help, under her wing! She is a certified BADASS!! 🖤🔥 📣 Earlier this year we announced that our team has sold $3 BILLION dollars in volume… but it’s really only been since late 2019 since we’ve been tracking it with our software… 🚀

Brittany has been here for ALL OF IT! She’s seen… ALL OF IT!! You know those months you’ve had where you’ve had 5 or 6 closings and you’re stoked about selling $3,000,000 in volume… now multiply that by 1,000... That’s how many contracts she’s helped write.

Imagine being pretty enough to start a war in the dark ages AND savvy enough to usher young hungry agents to sell $3 BILLION DOLLARS!?!?

From the bottom of our hearts… from all of the agents and all of our staff, we couldn’t be more proud of you and proud to call you our broker!! ❤️

HOWEVERRRRRR, she’s not all work and no play… if you’re ever looking for a partner to PRANK someone with… she better be your first phone call… because Broker Brittany, is also QUEEN PRANKSTER! 🤫 Next time you get her ear.. Ask her about the prank she pulled involving a bucket of ice, a stuffed buffalo, and a 9 iron!! 😂 Shout it from the rooftops MY BROKER IS A BADASS!!!!📢🎸


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