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Let's get you FED!

An agent has joined us, every single day, since the announcement of our flexible model!

A few months ago 2 agents decided to leave our brokerage… they have now decided to come back.

Less than 30 days, 3 deals pending.

The last executed for $940,000.. CASH 💰💰💰

And many more agents have followed them! A new agent has joined us EVERY DAY in the last MONTH!


Because hire good agents who want to be busy!

And we hire hardworking new agents who want to be busy!

Building a business IS HARD! Anyone who says it’s easy, is flat out LYING!

✅ The market is hard. Buying leads alone is hard.

✅ Competing with 40+ agents for a “good” lead is hard.

✅ Not having a transaction coordinator, listing coordinator, CRM, marketing and photos paid for... it’s all hard.

We can make it easier. We invest in you and let you focus on your business and your relationships.

Let’s talk about making this hard market, just a little easier. Let’s get you FED.

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