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May Top Producers


THIS IS WHY I LOVE REAL ESTATE! It MAY (get it) 😄 just look like another collective of superstar DJ&Lindsey agents.

Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming… I imagine I’m a young agent starting my career and answering the phone, and it’s a $3 or $4 MILLION DOLLAR BUYER ON THE OTHER END… 📞💰

In Janice’s case, that’s exactly what happened! She answered the phone and connected with buyers with a HEALTHY budget… 10 days later, she wrote up a contract for $3,400,000!!! 🎉🏡

Lawrence is back on the board after having a record April selling $6,000,000! This month, on paper, selling HALF as much but compared to the rest of his peers it’s 10x MORE! 📈🔥

This crew dominates their market because of 3 things:

1️⃣ They take advantage of opportunity!

2️⃣ They provide immense value to their customers! (Knowledge, negotiation, marketing, etc)

3️⃣ They EARN the business!

Because if there’s one thing we know about this company and especially this crew… THEY SELL HOUSES!!! 🏘️💪

A team of less than 100 agents… ranking and standing alongside companies with HUNDREDS of agents!

What’s even more AMAZING is that not only this 10… but 15 agents in May closed over $1 MILLION in volume! 🏆💸

How do they do it, you ask? Reach out to us and ask how YOU can sell houses!! 📞💼

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