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Million Dollar March

16 agents sold OVER $1,000,000 dollars worth of volume in MARCH


The real estate industry is often seen as a glamorous and exciting career. After all, who WOULDN’T want to help people find their dream homes? But the reality of the real estate industry is that it's a lot of harddddd work.

Being in this industry for 17 years, I’ve seen it get really hard. I've seen it become really easy. I’ve seen it become really hard again. But the one thing that never wavered, no matter what the market conditions were, was consistency in providing a top level experience for the customer.

There’s no way you make it into this top 10 WITHOUT hard work, consistency and top level service. If you’ve read any of our case studies or agent shout outs over the last two weeks, this list shouldn’t be too big of a shock!

…But when I pulled the top 10 numbers just for the month of March, I was in complete shock that not only did everyone in our top 10 sell well over $1 million, but 16 people in our entire brokerage sold over $1 million in March.


I couldn’t be more proud of this entire group, they know exactly what it takes to make a career in real estate. Real estate is their CORE FOCUS.

This industry can be so difficult, but also so rewarding…

I’m so happy and thankful to see a lot of the rewarded side when watching these agents!

It’s only the start of Q2, we have a lot more year left and customers to help… but for now… BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THIS CREW!



1 Lexi Psihogios $2,931,990.00 2 Katie and Lindsey $2,899,000.00 3 Tory Atkins $2,441,540.00 4 Theo Fulger $2,300,500.00 5 Elyssabeth Moore $1,995,100.00 6 Scott Dustin & Lauren Robshaw Team $1,894,190.00 7 Jamie Fowler $1,700,046.00 8 Jessica Walker $1,669,890.00 9 Caitlin Daugherty $1,640,980.00 10 Lawrence Cipollone $1,578,000.00 11 Markus Brown $1,458,800.00 12 Eric Haney $1,382,890.00 13 Quinn Nibert $1,200,000.00 14 Bailey Cooley $1,188,000.00 15 Julia Van Horn $1,000,000.00

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