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No Sphere. No Problem!

Have you had those moments where all you hear is “Just work your sphere.”

“How often are you reaching out to your sphere?”

“You need to be the advisor in your sphere!”

Sounds familiar, right?

Not to Janice Blevins. Janice relocated here from Texas and brought her family, clothes, and the rest of her belongings.

You know what she didn’t have… a sphere!

But when Janice joined us, she didn’t need one. We weren’t asking her to contribute her leads or her “sphere” to our company.

We GAVE HER a sphere. And that sphere turned out to be preeeeeeeetttttyyyyyy preeeeeeeetttttyyyyyy gooooooddd. (Any Larry David fans here? )

Janice linked up with these buyers looking for an absolute stunner and the budget that came along with it!

Strangers at the start but VERY CLOSE by the CLOSE, Janice wrote up this gorgeous home on marine street for a cool…

$3,400,000 (drumroll) CASHHHHHHH!

Some sphere you got there, Janice! Your hard work, attentiveness, and knowledge is how you GROW!!  

And we are beyond thrilled and happy to watch you grow!!

Congratulations on such a monster sale!!

103 Marine Street was always in the best of hands!

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