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Now it's your turn!

DJ & Lindsey DellaSala are speaking at Tom Ferry's Roadmap Tour in Orlando March 6th, 2023


If you watch any of our content, I often times start my videos with “people always ask me…”

Well, now it’s your turn!

I’m going to be speaking on stage in Orlando, Florida at Tom Ferry’s roadmap tour. I’ll be giving a breakdown of how important it is to have strong branding and marketing when building and scaling your business.

Last year when Lindsey and I spoke at the Tom Ferry Summit, it was absolutely incredible and I was so happy to be able to meet and speak with so many hard-working agents from around the country, and even around our state of Florida.

So if you haven’t, jump onto Tom Ferry’s website and reserve your ticket because this will be an excellent time for us to meet and collaborate on some great ideas as I show you how Lindsey and I built our brand and run our marketing.

So it’s your turn to ask me anything! Go reserve your spot, and I’ll see you there!


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