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Our Leads. Your time & Place.


The DJ & Lindsey Team is NO more!!!!

We are simply DJ & Lindsey Real Estate.

The Brokerage you always wanted, but with everything YOU need.

We all know the negativity surrounding the Real Estate market. Sales are down, Agents are leaving the business left and right. Agents are struggling.

I hate that. I love this industry, and I believe you CAN succeed in this market, and I want you to do that HERE.

What does this all mean???

For yearsssss, we have given our agents Leads. We are known for having one of the largest marketing budgets of any Real Estate Company in the COUNTRY. But what came with that was an expectation of coming into the office, calling hundreds of leads, and having an, oftentimes, unattainable high level of accountability.

BUT… It is time to INNOVATE and that’s what we are doing.

If you want LEADS, we have LEADS. THE BEST LEADS. Not just “leads,” but APPOINTMENTS. We’re only giving out appointments! “But it’s like a call center over there.” NOT ANYMORE! I HIRED a call center to do that heavy lifting!

I have done what every crazy person in a down market does…. I have INCREASED our MARKETING budget once again!! Ready to provide MORE opportunity for YOU!!

These aren’t just any leads either. These are live appointments/transfers for you for your schedule that YOU create. I can promise you, these are Leads ready to talk to YOU. Both buyers AND (lots of) sellers.

We also want you to have the autonomy of YOUR business. Work from ANYWHERE. Sure, we’re building a beautiful office, with a fridge stocked like an episode of Cribs, but come in when YOU want to come in!

Did you know that agents here are on 90% splits on ALL their own business?! And with that, they STILL get an included Licensed Transaction Coordinator, Photography, Signs/Lockboxes, CRM, Transaction Software, Sales Leaders to help them WIN deals (with over 3 Billion dollars in Sales under their belt) and soooo much more!

Also you close that business out to YOU in the MLS!! Forever it would go under the Team. NOW, if it’s YOUR deal, you close it out IN YOUR NAME!

But… what’s the catch????

We have always known that we had the best leads, with the best model and opportunity for Agents to THRIVE IN and give the customer the BEST experience possible. We have just always had tougher expectations to keep a lot of agents with experience to not have the FLEXIBILITY they wanted to run their business. Now, we have the best of both worlds. (Unicorn Brokerage? ) 🦄

If you are an agent that wants to have a conversation, let’s make it happen. It doesn’t look like the market is getting ANY easier, ANY time soon… so NOW is the time to make moves to live the life you deserve.


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