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Rece's Secret Stuff

While the highs and lows of real estate can test even the most seasoned agents, it's the steadfast who not only survive but thrive. And that's exactly what Rece Emplit is doing – Thriving with a capital "T"!

Joining our ranks in the summer of 2021, Rece brought a burst of fresh energy to our team. Fast forward to today, and he's not just meeting expectations; he's setting new standards with an outstanding 10 pending home sales!

👉🏻 Rece doesn't just work his database; he lives in it.

👉🏻 He's not selling; he's educating and guiding.

👉🏻 No market slowdown can temper his stride.

👉🏻 He's leveraging technology to stay ahead of the curve.

With nearly double the average pending sales of our agents and quintuple the average monthly sales of a realtor in 2023, Rece isn't just on the leaderboard; he IS the leaderboard. In a year where a good agent sells 10 homes, Rece is wrapping those numbers up in a single month!

Rece's mantra? "Pick up the phone, and start dialing." It's simple, it's direct.. it’s actually what Jordan Belford said in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ when inspiring his team to succeed.

In the office, he's a force of nature, a whirlwind of activity always chasing the next win – not just for himself, but for his clients. And yet, with all his success, he's a team player through and through, always ready to lend an ear or a helping hand.

Rece is making his mark with relentless determination. He doesn't just aim to meet his goals; he's on a mission to blast right through them. And we're all just living in the wake of his success!

Are you ready to scale the heights of your career like Rece? To dive into a pool of inbound leads, have appointments set for you, benefit from world-class training, receive hands-on mentorship, and utilize industry-leading marketing?

If you're nodding your head 'yes,' then you might just be the kind of go-getter we're looking for. Click the link below to chat with our growth advisors and see how you can start your journey to becoming a real estate superstar like Rece Emplit.

Because around here, we don't just sell homes; we create legends.

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