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Well, we're back again with another tale of rent hikes. Last time we reported rent hikes, we were ostracized for the lack of location specification. Touché.

Well this one is local and has the address to prove it!

This was sent in by a tenant of an apartment complex not far from one of our offices.

After speaking with one of our agents, we were shocked to find out the size and price of the home you could own with a monthly mortgage payment of $2,200.

We use our agents as a great resource not only because they're full time agents, but they were recently ranked #11 in the entire COUNTRY for homes sold.

Our agents are constantly hearing from prospective buyers that the market is too hot and that they're going to rent until it cools off. Well moving PAST the increasing interest rates which will effectively drive your payment up anyway, check out the other graphics below. In these graphics you'll find what it looks like to purchase a home at various rates and monthly payments.

If you're looking to pay someone else's mortgage, I'd love some help with mine. But you're better off purchasing a home and paying your own mortgage.


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