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I was just like you. I got licensed in 2006 and I was “ready to build my real estate business.”

2 years later I was standing at the front door of “The Great Opportunity of 2008.”

For the 2 years before, I lived in the “it’s really hard for a business to make money in the first 5 years” window. Well, the 2008 real estate market was about to make it EVEN HARDER!

Those were some of the toughest years in this industry. But I learned that everything is hard. I learned that all this time would be wasted if I didn't learn from it. It would be completely wasted if I let it consume me.

I found the smartest, most hard working person I could. I had to align myself with them. I had to learn from them.

What were they really great at that I’m terrible at? What am I really GREAT at that they struggle with?

Great, now to make not only my career better, but to make my life better… enter stage left, Lindsey DellaSala.

Lindsey and I shared a similar dream… Real Estate is really hard for young people to start out... How can we make it easier? How can we make seasoned agents' lives easier?”

[large dramatic cinematic stage reveal… our entire company 10 years later]

As hard as this industry is… Lindsey and I are determined to make success achievable to anyone who deserves it.

Who deserves it? Anyone willing to work hard for a better future for themselves or their family/loved ones.

We all know the famous line from It’s a Wonderful Life. “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it’s wings.”

In our office, it's not much different. Every time the bell rings, an agent and their customer gets their wish.

These are agents who are getting close and closer to their dreams and goals, ONE RING AT A TIME!

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