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"Run Plays That Work."

If you ever listen to Tom Ferry, you KNOW the phrase “Run plays that work.”

If you don’t listen to Tom Ferry, START. But I digress…

Last week, I was speaking with one of the agents in our office and he was explaining how he’s been doing a bit of reaching out to his own sphere, friends, family, friends of friends. He expressed how it made him feel. He felt like he was forcing it. Then he asked me…

“How do we get our name out there so that people know to buy or sell homes with us?”

I must’ve thought for an entire 3 seconds about the best way to articulate how sophisticated our lead funnels and marketing work together.

How business propels business and how keeping our customers in earshot with various ways of engaging with us at any point in time…

Instead, I blurted out what makes all THOSE things happen…

Money. Dollars. A wholllle lotta money.

I told him exactly what makes the phones ring… it’s money. We spend a lot of it for our AGENTS' business.

It’s consistent, MASSIVE investments INTO the agents in our brokerage, THAT’S why the phone rings.

It’s EXCLUSIVE partnerships with market dominating companies so that I can guarantee our agents will be able to dream big and reach THEIR goals!

It’s LITERALLY putting money where our mouth is…

“Listen…” I said, “If I thought those things would work, I’d be telling you to do them.”

I could see it in his face that it was in the complete opposite direction of how he THOUGHT the conversation was going to go.

But afterwards he thanked me. He said he was deciding between a small getaway for him and his wife or trying to send postcards to various neighborhoods.

My heart absolutely broke. THIS is why Lindsey and I created this brokerage. So that YOU can take the guesswork out of it.

So that YOU can take that vacation with your wife!


We’ve made the mistakes for you. We know how to connect you with the customer. All you need to do is take action!

So who’s ready to take action?!?

PS: I’m very thankful the Jags won… in London & Andy’s room…


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