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September TOP Producers

We SOLD a cool 107 homes in September. (With another 273 under contract.)

Help us celebrate September’s TOP PRODUCERS here at DJ&Lindsey Real Estate.

Our entire team totaled up to a whopping $33 Mil

This crew predicted the market shift and ATE IT FOR BREAKFAST!

ALL of our agents are SO on top of their game and always ahead of the curve! That's what sets them a part from the rest of our local market here!

Josh Cabana - $4,336,900

Scott & Lauren- $3,762,490

Michael Clayton - $2,414,890

Jamie Fowler- $1,810,00

Cora Cribb - $1,290,033

Theo Fulger- $1,272,900

Aven Giravi- $1,182,500

Steven Hancock- $1,088,00

Chris Fonseca- $1,087,900

Markus Brown- $1,055,900

Looking to BREAK OUT during the market everyone else is complaining about? Head to and hit the careers tab!

Looking to sell this much real estate?

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