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That's a Wrap! 🎬 🏆

DJ & Lindsey agents blew their competition out of the water, despite claims that their competitors had a higher ranking. Some competitors failed to even make the leaderboard, but made claims of being a top brokerage.

Yearly Recap. Everyone’s thankful. Everyone’s grateful. Everyone, for whatever reason, has the same new construction house posted on their instagram story pretending it's one of their new listings..? I was confused by that as well.

However, what I look at is WHY agents are thankful. WHAT agents are truly thankful for and WHO they attribute their success to. Do they take credit or credit those around them?

I also look at WHO they are surrounded by and if THOSE people are also successful and thankful!

Seeing our agents post their #2023Wrapped posts, seeing how proud they are and seeing how supportive they are of their fellow agents will NEVER NOT motivate me to help them and to help others reach their goals!

Something else that rather shocked me, was the data being used. I thought it was pretty cut and dry, anyone with MLS access can run reports for sold volume, sold units, MLS ranking, a comparative analysis of agents or teams. It’s a wonderful tool! You can do your own research to find out exactly what you need to make your future goals.

You don’t need to trust someone’s secret data. You don’t need to wonder how some graphs are clearly wrong and couldn’t possibly make sense. You can just look it up and see for yourself!

But as important as it is to do your own research, It’s also important to have a real conversation with yourself…

“Did I give my business 100%”

“Did I make excuses or did I make a difference?”

“Was I provided with ample opportunity?”

“Where can I improve?”

“Why can he or she sell 40 homes but I can only sell 4?”

The reason I say this is because when I’m helping agents build their plans, it’s important for people to set REAL expectations for themselves. Those goals need to be based off their level of commitment!

There’s one thing I can say, our agents…. Are COMMITTED!!

Let’s look at our entire company as a whole…

I’m so proud of our company! When you remove builders and non-MLS sales, you’ll see that this company ranked virtually in THE TOP 5!!! Considering our company has just over 100 agents compared to some of these brokerages with HUNDREDS of agents, it’s BEYOND impressive that they can display such metrics.

2023 was a great & successful year for many of our agents! Many of which celebrated already by posting their #2023Wrapped Graphics on social media! Just one of the many templates created for our agents on our company shop by our marketing team.

As a company, we have the added bonus of “how do we help those reach their goals.”

We’re beyond excited to roll out the new exciting things we’ve done to solve problems in this industry. Problems from both the agent and the consumer side of the business! I cannot wait to tell you all about them… but for now!

Here’s to a “done & dusted” 2023 and to an INCREDIBLE 2024!

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