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The Power of YES!

Brett Moreland leading a morning huddle for DJ & Lindsey Real Estate.

The power of yes.

So, when we were little kids, we all had a mindset of doing whatever it takes until we get that yes answer and get what we want, right?

Whether it’s asking for a bedtime snack or asking for a new toy or asking to go to the pool and those of you have kids or you know, nieces or nephews around kids, you understand, right?

They’re like, they’ll ask you 1,200 times different ways just to to see how they can get to a yes and when we grow up, our mind evolves and it evolves in a positive way but yes, it also evolves and sometimes a negative way where we talk ourselves out of doing things because maybe it makes us uncomfortable or maybe we’re a little scared of doing it or maybe, you know, we’re just unsure, right?

We’re uncertain and uncertain of what could happen if we kind of say yes and just jump into a certain situation but how many of you have decided to do something, right?

Whether it’s, you know, going to, on a, on a quick vacation, or going to, to lunch, or something with friends, or somebody that, you know, usually don’t hang out with. And you’re unsure about it, you’re like, oh man, I really don’t want to do this.

I’d rather do what I'm comfortable doing and stay at home or just do my normal routine. But then after we do it, we're kind of like, oh, that wasn't so bad.

We're fulfilled, right?

What if we condition our minds to do that same thing all of the time, right? Whether it's a new opportunity, whether it's saying yes to, taking on more, learning new things, pushing us out of our comfort zone.

What if we just dive into the yes, knowing that most of the time, when we say yes, when we do something, we're relieved. We feel accomplished when we actually do it. And our mind is so powerful that it can talk us into doing things or can also talk us out of doing things.

So, I want us to kind of have that kid mindset, right?

Don't be afraid of new things.

Don't be afraid to fail.

Don't be afraid to say yes.

And figure it out as you go along.

Because just like if you're working out, it's so easy to say, you know what, I don't feel like doing that today. But then when you do that extra rep, or you run that extra mile, or you do that extra sit up. You feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Don't let your mind talk you out of things that easily make you uncomfortable or make you a little uneasy.

Say yes.

Be like a kid.

Be persistent.

It's all building blocks that culminate to push you, to help you grow. So, I want us to think about that.

Think about the yes.

Think about going for the yes.

Whatever that takes.

Condition your mind, condition your body to do one more rep, to do one more call, to go on one more appointment, to help somebody out that maybe you weren't going to help out.

That's where it all comes full circle. So with that being said, let's make it a great Thursday and continue to crush the day in the week.

Ready? Set, go


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