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This is 40! Happy Birthday DJ Dellasala!

DJ has swapped his 'For Sale' signs for strategic plans, and folks… business is booming! On his 40th, we're taking a look back at the legacy of a man who's always ahead of the curve!

The Reviews are in: "DJ's life is a market we all want to invest in!" "His story is more gripping than any mortgage thriller!" "40 years and his stock is only rising!"

Grab your popcorn and hit play on the trailer of the year - a blockbuster journey through life's ups, downs, and sold signs. Spoiler alert: The hero always closes the deal.

Here's to the man who appraises life not by the years, but by the countless successful ventures. To DJ - may your 40s be the prime real estate of your life!

Check out the trailer that’s got everyone signing on the dotted line!

(ps: we're aware of the misspelled thumbnail, ai is still learning)


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