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Top Chef to Top Producer!

Katie & Lindsey were the proud owners of a food truck until they traded it in for their real estate licenses... the rest is her-story! 😘


If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ve probably heard us talk about how real estate is a service industry… its sales based but it’s forever a service industry. Agents provide a service.

But to who? Home owners? Home buyers? Investors?


Real estate is a people business. So if you’re reallllllllllly good at the people business… There's a realllllllly good chance you’d be good at real estate.

“They just felt so warm and genuine. I felt an instant connection with them.” That’s just ONE of the many sellers who have met with Katie and Lindsey to list their home for sale.

Former business owners themselves, they know JUST how difficult it is to start from scratch… literally. That’s because they used to run a scratch kitchen food truck together. It was their way to do what they do best… put smiles on customers faces!

All was happy on the home front until a small little pandemic rolled through the entire world and put their business at a stand still. And just like many who wanted more for themselves and their families, they dove head first into real estate.

However, they didn’t just dive anywhere…

✅ They dove somewhere they could learn. ✅ They dove somewhere they could feel they belonged. ✅ They dove somewhere they could grow. ✅ They dove somewhere that ONE of them would constantly be mistaken for one of its founders and have to constantly correct and clarify that she is NOT the one from the billboards but also still kinda the ones from the billboards.

They dove somewhere they could do what they do best… focus on the PEOPLE. Connect with PEOPLE who want to buy or sell real estate. Show new residents and families relocating their favorite spots around town. Reminisce with those who live here the great things that this historic town has endured and continues to celebrate.

There isn’t a SOUL that has bought or sold with Katie and Lindsey, that wouldn’t tell you they are the two most wholesome, genuine, RAY of sunshine they’ve ever met.

As it turns out, when you’re a really great person, knowledgeable about your business, and do your best to provide top level customer service… you’re also really successful.

In just over 2 years of being in real estate, Katie and Lindsey have sold… 🥁🥁🥁

OVER $33,000,000 in volume!

Just this year alone they’ve already closed $6,000,000 in volume and they are NOT slowing down anytime soon. Regulars on the monthly TOP PRODUCER posts, these two are having an INCREDIBLE YEAR and even better MAY!

With 10 homes under contract, they went and had themselves a MONDAY! Selling 3 MORE HOMES in just ONE DAY, bringing their current production up to… 🥁🥁🥁

13 HOMES UNDER CONTRACT for 6,300,000

It’s no wonder these two WON the “Customer First” award at our 2022 holiday party!

We are so proud of you ladies!! It’s beyond inspiring being in the office with you everyday. You both are truly an incredible force in this company, and we are so fortunate you have chosen to grow with us!


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