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We were NOT expecting this...

HUMBLED! I was NOT expecting this!! 😳 We recently announced our excitement to be part of the LeadingRE network. It’s been something we’ve discussed for some years now. To be mentioned alongside other names that have been in the industry for decades is beyond a dream come true. So, recently we’ve sent out a little email campaign letting our referral network know a little bit more about us and just how truly incredible our agents are and the work they are doing. Letting them know that their referrals will be treated with top level service.

But I was NOT expecting this!

The amount of team leaders and agents reaching out from around the STATE asking if we could open up offices in their area… or if we couldn’t… If they could still join… Lindsey & I are beyond humbled.

And although we’re not able to accommodate those wishes at this moment… it got me thinking… No, not that… there would be a BIG NEWS campaign before that level of announcement.. Opportunity… that’s what these agents and teams are looking for… That’s why they want to join! They want the opportunities.

They want the at-bats.

They want what they were promised… Since the day Lindsey and I opened our doors, I promised I would ALWAYS find the opportunities for my agents. That if they worked hard and capitalized on them I would find MORE... and MORE!! You could be the best pitcher in the world, but it won't matter unless you get the opportunity to pitch in a real game. ⚾️ You could be the best free throw shooter of all time, but it won’t matter unless you get fouled and get the opportunity to shoot from the line. 🏀 You COULD BE the best real estate agent, but if your phone never rings… If you never get the opportunity to put a sign in the yard... You might never know how good you really are!! I will never quit on providing our agents with the BEST opportunities… It’s their lives, their families, and their dreams that depend on it. 💪🏼 I hope that those opportunities find you… but if they don’t, I’ll be sure to bring them when we get there. 🌎

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